07 octobre 2015

fire engine large pillow case

it looks like patchwork, but just a way to save money: made of remnant fabric, even the ziper is recycled! my son loves it, even the kitten loves it...  
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02 septembre 2015

fire engine pencil holder

I had to make it even for my son: after the minions pencil holder I had to do the fire engine pencil holder.    idea from here.  
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23 août 2015

red faucet coat rack for fire engine bedroom

To fit the fire engine theme bedroom for my son, i wanted to make a faucet coat rack. so I found 5 plastic red faucet at menard's, and took the idea on this blog, and finally made this:        ( with my husband help, because i m terrible with the driller, according to him...)   instead of drawing each pipe with tape, i did a pattern, on card board, so i can use it for next time:  
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18 février 2015

fire engine polymer clay cane

Was great until i reduced it... but the weels and the ladder glow in the dark; they will be decorations for Liam's drawer knobs: i will glue them tomorrow... in the dark we can almost see the wheels and the ladder... almost: