23 avril 2015

white polymer clay earrings, BO en pate polymere blanche

new use of theese beads : from polycat     and other earrings finished with the handy tool: (free tuto from Olga Nicolas : ptits cailloux) clic clic to the boutique

23 avril 2015

monster patches pants

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20 avril 2015

BO foncées, dark polymer clay earrings

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20 avril 2015

outil en/et pour la pate polymère, polymer clay tool

In the last post , i was talking about a very usefull tool. i founded on craftartedu, made by Olga Nicolas.
20 avril 2015

flowers dangle earrings

New technique for me, tuto flowers here. 3 flowers attached together like this: tuto "astuce montage" from la bulle d'idril.   or just one attched with one jump ring   I added a slice around the beads, thanks to a small, handmade tool: explanations here in french, but the pictures are easy to understand. Very helpfool tool !!!
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20 avril 2015

monster patches for pants

Jamie sent me this link, and wanted to do to her son, this is my version :   of this:  
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17 avril 2015

new earrings with old beads

I did, a while ago, those beads, i didn't know how to finish them, i founded since i do my hooks myself!   on sale here  
14 avril 2015

ninja: barette et attache fermeture éclaire en pate polymere; polymer clay ninja barette and zipper charm

the last barette finding i had : the request was a ninja: of course the zipper charm for the brother that match it...otherwise it is not fair!!!
13 avril 2015

polymer clay panda zipper charm, panda en pate polymere

When he saw my daughter's barette with the panda on, my son, 3 y.o. wanted the same...I'm unable to do twice the same:
12 avril 2015

Olaf barette and zipper charm

My daughter, 8 Y.O. ordered an Olaf barette...(homemade of course) so i went on you tube to see how to make an Olaf... she's happy with it! thanksfully because i am not a good sculptor...but it is unique!!   of course i had to make one for the 3 Y.O. boy. no barette but an Olaf zipper charm!!! he was thrilled!!   i know he loooks scary, but my son loves it, that is the more important!