19 juillet 2015

pink earrings : one color, 3 shapes.

  clic clic to the boutique

14 juillet 2015

first coco nut serie

the necklace :     and the earrings : clic clic to the boutique.  
17 avril 2015

new earrings with old beads

I did, a while ago, those beads, i didn't know how to finish them, i founded since i do my hooks myself!   on sale here  
06 avril 2015

french earring hooks tutorial, tutoriel B.O en argent

i really want to do everything myself, that include the french earring hooks : inspired from the book the perfect match, but i use less wire: to make a 5 minutes french hooks: we need:   i took 20 gauge sterling silver wire, but it works for any metal too: burr the edges: make a loop at one end with round pliers, no need to be large: use the J peg like this: don't hesitate to fold the wire. you obtain that, don't worry: take the round pliers and push with your thomb the upper part: the left one starts to... [Lire la suite]
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